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What Differentiates Us

Our BOTS have a holistic approach to resolve end user and service function issues. The technology that we empower our BOTS is developed based on research we do around your customers issues. Our solutions are integrated and scalable with competitive pricing to match your needs.

Our BOTS solutions commits 80% v/s 50% problem resolution compared to the BOTS that work in silos. We use the latest in technology – predictive analysis, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Remediation & GPS based Field Automation to build intelligent and fully integrated automation solutions.

We offer software waste management and 99.99% compliance commitments through our automation solutions.

BOTs Assisted Support for Technology

Future predicts that BOTs will be the first point of contact for online users to address to various categories of queries, to solve most common use cases, process the problems for self-help. With this flexibility, BOTS can resolve common issues without human intervention, thereby increasing the user productivity. Availability of Lunarays Technologies BOTS for 24x7x365 will resolve common issues empowered by Artificial Intelligence with 85% accuracy level.

The results of automation with BOTS leads to better SLAs, happy users, and enhanced productivity. This translates to increased fiscal performance and a better customer experience.

Unique Features of Lunarays Technologies Bot Club

  • Human Cognitive Capabilities
  • Learning based on guided learning principles
  • Highly Secured On-prem Solution
  • Analytics capability to formulate user behaviour in-depth insights
  • Corporate Branding

Tools Assisted Support for Technology

In a fully digital business world, employees must be empowered with information and tools that make it easy to give consumers personalized, efficient and accurate solutions.

In the digital business and customer centric era today, enterprises are now held to very high standards when it comes to customer interactions. Businesses have stepped up their business strategies and trying to make optimum use of the Artificial Intelligence through automation, to renovate customer experiences and provide exceptional customer service at all times.

Lunarays Technologies offers enterprises' new innovative strategies to transform their business to give their users personalized and quick service by enhancing user productivity by 90%.