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Desktop Virtualization

With technology progressing in leaps and bounds, scalability of media and broadcast across a varied audience is something every organization should emphasis on. To have united access, one can supply any number of equipment for public access to virtual products and information, but this would hardly be feasible. Also, think of having to constantly support the network over multiple platforms.

The headiest solution is to virtualize your server and desktop so that all the information is available on a virtual server and can be accessed on any given device, independent of a traditional office setup. At Lunarays Technologies, we do not provide just one resolution for your virtualization requirements; we offer an array of strategies which can be modified to meet your needs.

We provide an efficient and cost effective setup via a shared server/application set up with configurations that can easily matchup to your current and future networking requirements. Our end-to-end solutions employ complete virtualization using an array of full VDI, streaming apps and installed apps, wherever applicable.

We also offer complete management of your virtualization servers with added security measures to keep your precious data secure from unwarranted access. Our virtualization techniques work with minimal equipment and thus reduce overhead costs and incur maximum returns. Invest in Lunarays Technologies to help your company fare better than your competitors.